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Entries must be received by February 27, 2014
The SCAWP Wedding Photos of the Year annual competition accepts only digital entries. Photographs may have been originally shot on film or with a digital camera, but the entries must be submitted in digital form.
There is a $20.00 fee to enter the contest. The contest is open to all full- and part-time wedding photographers permanently residing in the state of South Carolina. All photographs must have been taken between January 1, 2013, and December 31, 2013. Photographs may have been taken outside of the state of South Carolina.
To pay via PayPal, send $20 for every person
entering to Please include
the names of each person entering. It is free to attend the open judging. To pay via check, make check to "Jeff Blake" and mail to: Jeff Blake, 2330 Lucas St., Cayce, SC 29033
This is a contest for individual photographers.  Photographers may not enter photographs by second shooters or other members of their studio as their own entries!!
Each entrant may submit a maximum of 20 entries in the "Singles" categories. Do not enter the same picture in two picture categories. An entry may be only one image-not a composite of several images.
Judges: To be announced.
Choosing a code
Choose your unique photographer's code. This is important because you will use this code in naming all your files. Use a lower case five-letter sequence. Every photographer must have a unique code. Do not spell words or names or use initials, and if you are preparing entries for multiple photographers, be sure their codes vary. Do not use a code that might reveal your name or studio. This ensures the photos will be judged anonymously. 
A photographer's code might look like this: bdwrz (don't use this exact code).
Preparing Your Images
DO NOT include any borders, logos, watermarks, or any other identifying marks on the photos.
Sizing your photos
Scan or adjust image size to twelve inches at its longest side and at 72 dpi (make sure the dpi is set to pixels per inch). Improperly sized photos will not be accepted.
File Compression
Save and compress the file using JPEG compression set to 10, or high. Use the optimized JPEG option if available. The resulting RGB file size will vary. Images not compressed properly will be disqualified. We strongly advise that you do not recompress (re-jpeg) an already compressed file. This will degrade image quality. Optimum image quality will be achieved by originally scanning to our specifications.  Only JPEGS will be accepted.
Naming your files
Name your picture files beginning with the prefix category number, followed by your unique photographer's code, followed by sequential two-digit numbers corresponding to the number of photos you are entering in that category. End it all with .jpg (Sounds complicated, but it's not).
A single photo entry might have a file name like this:   04bdwrz01.jpg (04 is the category number, bdwrz is the photographer's code, 01 is your first entry within this category, and .jpg is the mandatory suffix). Other entries within the same category would be 04bdwrz02.jpg and  04bdwrz03.jpg.
Single Category Numbers
Please note some categories have changed!
Create a folder called "Singles bdwrz" (using your code, not "bdwrz.")  Place the twenty singles entries in the folder, making sure your files are properly named.
01. Bridal Portrait/Groom Portrait- A posed photo of EITHER the bride in gown, or groom in wedding attire, taken either the day of the wedding or another day.
02. Couple Portrait- A posed photo of the wedding couple, taken either the day of the wedding in formal attire, or before the wedding day, in non-formal attire (such as an engagement portrait).
03. Getting Ready- Any non-portrait photo taken on the wedding day before the start of the ceremony.
04. Ceremony- Any non-portrait photo taken during the ceremony.
05. Reception- Any non-portrait photo taken after the conclusion of the ceremony.
06. Group Portrait- A posed photo of three or more people, taken during the wedding day.  This photo can include members of the bridal party, the wedding couple, the wedding couple's families, etc.
07. Detail- A close-up photograph that emphasizes an inanimate object, rather than a person. Think a close-up photo of the rings, or cake, etc.
South Carolina Wedding Photographer of the Year
The Photographer of the Year is determined by the winner of the portfolio competition.
Portfolios may contain a maximum of 20 entries. Photographers wishing to be considered for Photographer of the Year should place all the photos in their Portfolio entry into a folder marked with photographer’s code and word "Portfolio" (ie, "bdwrz portfolio"). Portfolio entries will be judged separately from Category entries so you must make copies of the category entries you wish to be considered in your portfolio entry. You may simply duplicate your category entries, placing the copies in your portfolio folder.
Submitting your entries: Four Options
You may mail your entries on CD/DVD, FTP your entries, share them via Dropbox, or email them.
Make sure you have a separate folder each for "bdwrz Singles" and "bdwrz Portfolio." Use your own code, not bdwrz.
If mailing your entries, label each disk and case with your unique photographer's code and your name. Before sending us your disks, verify their integrity by making sure they are readable and not damaged. The contest chair reserves the right to disqualify any disk that is unreadable, or defective. More  than one photographer's work may be placed on a CD as long as each  photographer's entries are placed separately in a clearly marked folder.
No disks or files will be returned.
The mailing address is:
Jeff Blake
2330 Lucas St.
Cayce, SC 29033

To FTP your entries, upload the "xxxxx Singles" and "xxxxx Portfolio" folders to:
Username: scawp.jeffblakephoto
Password: contest
Via Dropbox:
If you have a Dropbox account, you may "share" your folders with me at either of the following addresses: or
After you mail, Dropbox, or FTP your entries, email Jeff Blake at with your five digit code in the subject line, and include the following information in the body of the email:
Your name
Your address
Your phone #
Your five digit photographer's code
Your web site address
Whether mailing or sending via FTP
Via Email:
Don't understand FTP and don't want to send via snail mail? You can email your entries. Send an email containing the 20 singles photos. If your portfolio contains the same 20 photos as your singles entry, you can include a note in the singles email indicating you would like me to use those 20 as your portfolio entry. Otherwise, send a second email containing your 20 portfolio entries.
In the subject line, put your 5 digit code and "Singles" or "Portfolio" as appropriate. In the body of the email put:
Your name
Your address
Your phone #
Your five digit photographer's code
Your web site address
Please email to the following email address:
Yahoo! has unlimited storage and won't bounce back large attachments.
Judges will award a first, second, and third place in each category.  At their discretion, they may award up to two honorable mentions in each category.
At the conclusion of the judging, the judges will be name the South Carolina Photographer of the Year and Runner-Up.

Prizes may be rearranged without notice.
Best in Show will be awarded to the judges favorite of the first place winners.
Each winner will receive an 8x10 certificate, suitable for framing.  First-place prizes will win prizes from the vendors listed above.
Winners, and all those entering, will notified by Facebook when judging is completed.  Winning entries will be displayed here, on this web site.  Each winning photo will contain a link to the winning photographer's web site.

Nathan Abplanalp is a photographer based out of Charlotte, NC who has a background in landscapes, photojournalism, and portraits. He is drawn to photography's history and loves timeless black and white photographs.  An artist at heart, he utilizes simple and orderly compositions, natural light, and a strong thought process to create all of his images.

Piper Warlick is  a portrait, wedding and event photographer living in Charlotte, NC.  When she isn’t shooting, she enjoys tackling a seemingly endless list  of craft and home renovation projects, tending to her chickens,  and  working in her backyard organic garden with her husband, Mark. Piper is  also a contributor to Edible Upcountry and Edible Charlotte magazines,  publications devoted to the regional sustainable food movement and the  locals who celebrate it.

Gregg Martin, M.Photog, Cr., CPP, FPh., has been in professional photography for over 24 years and has photographed  over 450 weddings. His main points of interest are Weddings and  Sports.
He is a member of PPA, SEPPA, PPSC, and the Columbia Bridal Associates. The 2011 PPSC Photog of the Year. He also earned the 2009, 2012, 2013 PPA Photographer of the Year. He  holds the Masters of Photography and the Photographic Craftsman Degrees  from PPA. Is a PPA Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) and He  holds the Fellows of Photography from PPSC.

Enter early! Deadline for receipt of entries is Thursday, February 27, 2014. No entries will be accepted after that date. No exceptions can be made. Entering early will allow us time to check and possibly correct errors in your entry and will help compensate for any delivery problems. The contest chair reserves the right to disqualify entries that do not follow rules listed here.
If you're confused by these rules you may contact us for clarification. Please don't wait until the contest deadline week to get your questions answered. By far, the best method of communication is e-mail.
Contact contest chairman Jeff Blake at
Jeff Blake is a Columbia, South Carolina, wedding photographer.  He was a newspaper photojournalist for twelve years.  View his website here.
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